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We are dedicated to finding and equipping Anglo-minded Moroccans for careers in Morocco.

Since 2012, Global-Lights has been helping multinationals find the Anglo-educated talent for entry-level and executive-levels in Morocco. Our passion is to attract and retain talented Moroccans in Morocco.

In 2014, we introduced for the first time in Morocco the leading-edge, global training in Change Management using Simulations and Case Studies in English and French.


Looking for a Career?

Are you an American or British educated Moroccan looking for a career in Morocco? If yes, then you are uniquely positioned to be successful in today’s business climate in Morocco!

Become a member of Global Lights today by clicking here and we can help you find the superior internship or entry level job for a career in Morocco that optimizes your Anglo-education and Moroccan-culture.

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Screening Candidates

As a multinational working in Morocco, we realize you may not have the resources to find Anglo-educated talent. We connect you with solid candidates for entry-level and executive-level positions in Morocco.


Advising Career-Seekers

Whether you are fresh out of university, or returning to Morocco with a briefcase full of experience, our team of professionals will listen to you and advise you on your next career steps.



Global-Lights and the American Chamber of Commerce are proud to bring behavioral Change Management Simulation Seminars to Casablanca.

Looking for a Star?

If your HR Strategy requires finding Anglo-educated Moroccans, demonstrating initiative in problem-solving and critical thinking then Contact Us today to start a dialogue about your talent needs and receive superior choices for Anglo-educated Moroccans seeking internships and entry level positions.

Coming soon… you’ll be able to hear from other Moroccan business leaders who are seeking Anglo-educated Moroccan stars.

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