About the Founder

Deborah MacArthur, an American business woman, spent 20 years with Accenture, a leading global consulting firm. She specialized in Organizational Design and Human Performance Strategies working in North America and the Middle East. She is a certified Critical Behavior Interviewing™ Trainer and Helix Facilitation™ Consultant.

In addition to consulting, Mrs. MacArthur piloted Accenture’s CBI methods for five years in the USA by interviewing 1000’s of university graduates for highly competitive positions in management consulting. She was also a strategic advisor to corporate CEO’s on finding and retaining the best global talent.

In 2004, Mrs. MacArthur retired from Accenture and moved to Morocco to volunteer in rural education and humanitarian efforts. In 2010, Mrs. MacArthur was elected President of George Washington Academy a not-for-profit association that operates the largest K-12 American school in North Africa, in Casablanca, with over 350 graduates and enrollment over 850, majority Moroccan students.

In 2012, Mrs. MacArthur founded Global-Lights, through which she has coached 100's of Moroccan students on finding the best jobs globally. Mrs. MacArthur has earned praise from multinationals in Morocco for the high quality standards and her critical advice in hiring Anglo-educated Moroccans.

About the Company

Global-Lights is a unique company with a proven concept in Morocco. It is unique because it benefits the Multinationals seeking Anglo-educated Moroccans. It is unique because it has a personal relationship with hundreds of Anglo-educated Moroccans seeking careers in Morocco.

It is proven because the leadership team has coached and placed Anglo-educated Moroccans successfully in Morocco, proving that Morocco is poised to be a global player in the 21st century.

Global-Lights works closely with talent partners around the globe who find talent that meets our client's needs. Partners include universities, alumni associations, trade associations, and global recruiting agencies who are known for their quality and discretion. We practice discretion in all facets of our interactions with clients and candidates, so we will be glad to share references with you, upon request.

Global-Lights also is a leader in Morocco through their Change Management Seminars with Simulations. By coupling invaluable experience with behavioral simulations, Global-Lights' leadership training allows you to practice your change management leadership and management skills virtually. Enabling managers to practice change virtually eliminates the risks involved in regular change projects and offers a stress-free learning experience.

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