Are you an American or British educated Moroccan looking for a career in Morocco?

If yes, then you are uniquely positioned to be successful in today’s business climate in Morocco!

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Step 1 - Finding the Internship or Job

Finding a great internship or first job is just hard. Your University tries to help. Your Family tries to help. But it is like dating. Finding that perfect one is hard, especially when you are unique. You are an Anglo-educated Moroccan. Today’s Francophone business environment seems to favor French-educated Moroccans.

If you want to have choices of companies to work for that understand YOU - a Western educated Moroccan – then we can help you. We have relationships with the largest multinationals in Morocco who are seeking people like you – Moroccans who have been educated in English, French and Arabic and know how to solve problems by showing initiative, innovation and taking appropriate risk.



Step 2 – Preparing to Interview

Are you ready to interview with a multinational? Most career-seekers may be ready but are a little scared.

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