Is your company looking for Anglo-educated Talent?

If your HR Strategy requires finding Anglo-educated Moroccans, demonstrating initiative in problem-solving and critical thinking then Contact Us today to start a dialogue about your talent needs and receive superior choices for Anglo-educated Moroccans seeking internships and entry level positions. Coming soon... you'll be able to hear from other Moroccan business leaders who are seeking Anglo-educated Moroccan stars.


Step 1 – Finding Anglo-educated Moroccan Talent

Finding Anglo-educated Moroccan talent in Morocco is challenging. The Francophone business environment has many talent sources, but if your goal is to compete globally, you find Anglo-educated talent is a must.

If you want to find a reliable source of candidates who understand Western work practices but can relate to local norms, then we can help. Global-Lights has exclusive relationships with Anglo-educated Moroccans who bring the best of Anglo-education with Moroccan-culture.

Our candidates have been educated for over 15 years in English, French and Arabic to solve problems by showing initiative, innovation and taking appropriate risk.


Step 2 – Determining If The Candidate Will Perform At My Company

We believe the best predictor of future performance is past performance. Accenture, the largest employer of university graduates in the US, pioneered a proven method for determining future performance in three short interviews that is used worldwide with their 150,000 workforce.

The Critical Behavior Interviewing ™ CBI methods equip your HR and management teams to find the stars who will perform at your company’s unique needs and challenges.


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