“That training was EXCELLENT with a capital E! The best training I've ever been to.”

Mr. Scott DOUGLASS from George Washington Academy

“It was truly a high caliber training... both the subject matter and the facilitator.”

Ms. Chantal DE LA ROCHELLE from Bombardier

"I found this simulation one of the most powerful training tools in stakeholder management."

Ms. Lamiaa BOUTALEB from Capital Trust

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Global-Lights and the American Chamber of Commerce are proud to bring behavioral Change Management Simulation Seminars for the first time to Casablanca, Morocco. These Leadership (not financial) Simulations are part of executive programs at Wharton and HEC are used by corporations and small businesses around the world to improve engagement and employee satisfaction.  Since 2014, these world-class simulations are brought to you at a significantly discounted price of 9,900 MAD (versus 60,000 MAD) by Global-Lights, whose founder is a Wharton alumni and experienced management consultant.

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